DEAR warmth for warriors

We are honored to be able to donate the enclosed stockings, hats and personal items for our troops. Thank you for all you do and have done to support those that fight for our freedom each day and their families who have all sacrificed so much.

I have knit on and off most of my life, first taught as a very young child by my Irish grandmother and her sisters. Over the years, I have knit for various charities and programs. As a 4 time cancer survivor, Ihave often knit for various charities and strongly believe in supporting our troops and was glad to come accross your Facebook site earlier this summer.

In the fall of 2001, our family was living in the Tampa, Fl area and I commuted weekly to VA for work, I was often on flights with service personnel, military leaders and political leaders given the proximity of MacDill Air Force Base. I saw, week after week, the stress and tension these individuals shouldered for all of us - and my husband and I stepped up our monetary support in several ways. I really wanted to make a contribution so our troops know how many still stand with them. These days, I have infusions on a regular schedule and I carry my knitted to doc appointements, hospital treatments, etc. I wanted to help create hand made items so our service personnel know time, care and thoughts were spent to honor them as they protect us. We also saved up the spare change around the house, the cars and couch to be able to buy some personal care items.

The stockings are all 100% wool. The hats are blends of wool and alpaca - they are all natural fibers, easy to wash, and very soft. I still very much enjoy the process of visiting yarn shops supporting small businesses and picking special fibers.

Thank you again for all the work you do to provide such a wonderful program that we can support - and share a small thank you for our troops.