Dear Warmth for warriors

Thank you so much for sending Christmas cheer to the Soldiers of the 11th Engineer Battalion in South Korea several months ago. Please forgive me for not sending a thank you reply sooner! You were part of a huge undertaking that truly blessed our unit, a versatile organization with over 800 Soldiers that build, breach, bridge, and clear obstacles for our nation and, if called, the wonderful people of South Korea!

On Christmas Day 2017, Command Sergeant Major Greg Workman, his wife First Sergeant Jennifer Workman, and I distributed gift bags filled with your donations - full of Christmas treats, stockings, gifts, cards, and letters to every Soldier in the barracks, more than 700 bags! It was a wonderful surprise for them, and very meaningful to receive such symbols of care from "home".

We were very moved by the sheer number of donations sent, and by the personal nature of your gifts; it was obvious that you put tremendous care and thought into the gifts, letters, and cards prepared. Here's a glimpse at the scope of the project by the numbers:

50 private organizations sent more than 400 boxes. 20,000 hand signed cards were distributed to 706 soldiers in 3 barracks buildings. Approximately 2,000 lbs of treats and 900 beautifully handmade Christmas stockings made the holiday sweeter for the 11th Engineer Battalion. 12 volunteers sorted and organized the treats, gifts, and cards over several days to get them ready for delivery on Christmas day.

Thank you for being part of such a tangible expression of support to our Soldiers! Many of them came to Korea on their very first tour, straight out of 'basic training' after finishing high-school. You made them feel loved on their first Christmas away from family! We are amazed and humbled by the generosity from each of you.